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Bali is one of several hot spots for the trade in child prostitution in Indonesia. Bali, Lombok and Yogyakarta are the preferred destinations for perpetrators who sexually exploit children. These are the places they visit to get the children. The children were trafficked to top tourist destinations, including Bali. The  [ Read More ]

The Singaraja District Court in Bali has sentenced Australian Philip Robert to serve eight years in jail for engaging in pedophile acts, reports. During Robert’s trial Thursday, judge Frida Ariyani said the court had found the 61-year-old defendant guilty of sexually violating dozens of teenagers in Singaraja. The case  [ Read More ]

April 14, 2004 A former Australian diplomat accused of attempting to sodomise two teenage boys in Bali has faced court, denying he tried to force them to have sex. Former Canberra man William Stuart Brown, 51, alias Tony, answered questions from judges in a closed Indonesian court at Karangasem, east  [ Read More ]