Bali is a tropical pedophile island “paradise” where the police only act when forced to do so by foreign law enforcement agencies who are after someone who committed pedophilia in their country. But this time police in Bali have arrested a 55-year-old Dutch man for allegedly molesting four underage girls of Kaliasem village in the district of Buleleng. Jan Jacobus Fogel was arrested after the parents of one of the alleged victims reported him to police, after which parents of the three others filed similar reports.

“We’ve detained him and named him a suspect,” the Buleleng Police’s operational division head, Comr. Ida Putu Wedanajati, said on Tuesday. Wedanajati said the victims were aged between 9 and 14 years old, and that they were allegedly harassed while Fogel was staying at their homes in the village. She added that Fagel gained access to the girls by first approaching their families, visiting their homes and sometimes even spending the night at their houses. Wedanajati said Fogel molested the girls but did not have sexual intercourse with them. She added that Fogel gave the victims books, perfumes and some money, between Rp 5,000 (52 cents) and Rp 10,000, whenever he visited. “Most of the victims are from poor families. The parents weren’t suspicious because they felt they were close to the perpetrator,” Wedanajati said.

Fogel is accused of violating Article 82 of the 2002 Law on Child Protection, as well as Article 290 of the Criminal Code on child molestation, and faces a maximum of 15 years in prison, according to Wedanajati.

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