After 5 months eight non-governmental organisations in Bali have urged a district court in Singaraja to mete out the heaviest punishment for alleged pedophile Jan Jacobus Vogel, a Dutch citizen, they finally asked for help of Committee Against Sexual Abuse (CASA) to give pressure of a fair trial. Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as the President of CASA feel pity with the works of other NGOs that found no attention from the law enforcement to take credit.

“Pedophilic abuse is often not reported for a variety of reasons ranging from fear, emotional reasons, or guilt when the victim feels responsible for what happened”, said Professor Suryani in the meeting with Bali’s persecutors. Generally, abused children experience the greatest psychological damage when the abuse occurs from father figures like close neighbors, priests or ministers, coaches or involves force and/or genital contact. The specific long-term effects on abused children as they grow into adulthood are difficult to predict. Some individuals adapt and have a higher degree of resilience, whereas others are profoundly and negatively changed, add Professor Suryani as she trying to make the law enforcement understand about the long term effect for the victims.

“We have long history in making law enforcement understand and willing to use their heart when state the sentence”, said Professor Suryani as she remembering the first time Indonesian Child Protection Law was use in Bali in 2004. CASA was succeed to make the judges used that law and punished Tony William Stuart Brown, an Australian pedophile with 13 years in prison.

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